Equipment is provided for players use. The only basic equipment not supplied is footwear. Cleats are recommended, either soccer or football are acceptable. Optional items such as gloves are up to the player. A $300 deposit cheque is required before equipment is issued. This cheque will not be cashed unless the equipment is not returned in a timely manner at the end of the season or other fees are outstanding.

Our main practice schedule starts late June early July. League games start about the middle of August and the run through the end of October. There are 8 regular season games and 3 playoff games.

We generally practice three nights a week, from 6:00 to 8:00. There will be some variations
depending on weather and the age group involved. When the games start in August there will
be 1 game on the weekend, usually on Saturday or Sunday during the day.

The Tyke division is for players turning 8 and 9. Mosquito is for players turning 10 and 11, and Peewee is for players turning 12, 13 and Bantam is for players turning 14 and 15, Midget is for players turning 16, 17 and 18 in the current calendar year.

Many of our athletes play hockey and successfully balance the two sports. Athletes that play in the higher tiers of hockey will have more of a challenge making both sports work. We ask players to consider factors such as whether it’s a practice or game and point of the season (early season vs playoffs) when a conflict occurs. The football schedule does not tend to have many conflicts with the hockey schedule especially in the older divisions.
Hockey evaluation weekend tends to be the time of most conflicts.

You bet! We play full contact Canadian Football League style football. The Tyke game will be simplified for the younger players to better develop the core skills of the game.

If you change your mind and pull out before the team if formed a refund of the registration fee less $50 will be issued. A player will not be considered for refund until notice of withdraw from the program is received in writing to the registrar and equipment is returned.

Depending on the number of players trying out for the different levels there may need to be cuts. Maximum players per level are Tyke (20 Players), Mosquito, Peewee and Bantam (36 Players).

We don’t force our parents to, but we do need help to make a great football experience for your child. This may be helping set up fields on game day, being part of the stick crew, helping with equipment, or organizing team apparel orders. There are many needs through the season.

To the surprise of many, tackle football is ranked behind 4 other sports in Canada for injuries per event. Football is rated fifth in the number and severity of injuries incurred behind Soccer, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. While football is rightly called a collision sport and serious injuries can occur during games and practices, they are truly rare. That being said hurts such as bumps and bruises as well as scrapes and cuts are common, everyday occurrences. Be prepared to ice their bruises and bandage their scrapes.

One of the reasons for the safety of the sport is the quality of the equipment. Our teams spend a significant portion of their budgets each year on equipment that is of the utmost quality. This equipment includes NOCSAE certified helmets and a variety of other padding. Often, the equipment is exactly the same as that used by professional players. The obvious
exceptions are when the size of the player requires specifically designed equipment for youth football. The teams own their own equipment; unlike other sports, the parents are not required to shell out hundreds of dollars each year for equipment.

All of our football coaches are now required to get “Safe Contact trained” in the latest safe blocking and tackling techniques. Coaches are also required to take the “Making Headway in Sport” Concussion eLearning Series. All of the coaches have various level of coaching certification. All you have to do is ask and the coaches or managers will let you know what level they have.