Football leagues in our province are NOT ranked by tiers. Individual leagues can set up tiers within their leagues, but the governing body of football within our province does not rank leagues.

OVFL is a league that has been providing quality football to our province since 1999. This league is a nationally recognized league that provides anyone (coaches/scouts) with instant access to player’s stats (both physical ie height and weight, and playing stats) as well as information on what school’s players attend so that coaches can follow up further. The league insistence on certified coaches ensures that the safety of players is of paramount importance, and its inclusion of an all-star (Prospects game) also boasts of the importance that the league places in getting its players exposure to coaches at the next level.

The OPFL is a new league in it’s first year of operation. It consists of teams that were former members of the OVFL along with a few from the OFC and OMFL. Their main goals are to “create an environment where like minded centers can play football at the highest level, to create a tiered environment for the development of football in Ontario, to create environment where players can be highlighted and developed for maximum exposure for potential post secondary opportunities, to bring football back to the focus of what we do.” This was taken right from their website mission statement page.

There was a deadline set by the OPFL with which to have an application put in for the league. This deadline did not provide enough time for us the fully gather enough financial information to determine how entry into the league would affect our fees. The prospect of having to charge kids 800+ dollars to play summer ball was not something that we were prepared to do. We were not comfortable joining a league with so little of this information provided to us so decided to pass. Also in looking at their mission statement we feel that the OVFL has had a proven record of providing most what the OPFL are trying to create.

Myers has been in operation since 1974. Football has changed over the years and Myers continues to change along with the times. As a club, Myers looks at what is best for their membership and club. If in the future this means moving to a different league, then it could be a possibility.

League fees are $550 for the year. Plus, a mandatory $100 fundraising fee for lottery calendars. When you sell the calendars all the money will come back to you.

Myers Riders are and have been the premier football franchise in our province for over a decade, and as such we have developed recruiting connections nationally. Coaches will come to watch our games and watch our players because they know that they are receiving first class coaching, and contemporary football techniques that are being used in university systems.

Moreover, our coaches also have a wide range of connections to schools around the country, so our players will be seen and heard of by universities.

We feel that our coaches are by far the best coaching staff in the city. We boast a wealth of knowledge, playing experience, and winning pedigree at a provincial level that no other teams in the city can match. Our coaches come from NCAFA programs, CIS level players, and even CFL players. We use film as a teaching and scouting tool, and through the incorporation of the film/software program Hudl  provide access for kids to watch film 24/7 while also providing constant feedback through this medium. All our coaches are Safe contact certified as well and have completed their Making Headway in football.

Bantam level will begin a conditioning camp on January 13 at AY Jackson high school and continue weekly until May from 7-10 pm.
JV will start practices in the gym on February 8th and continue biweekly with a set schedule that can be obtained from the website or manager.
All level tryouts will begin the first weekend in April at the Beckwith indoor dome as they have in the past. Please refer to your manager or our website for complete dates and times.
During the season, Bantam’s practice 3 days per week at Agincourt public school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.
JV’s will practice 3 days per week as well Tuesday and Thursday at Agincourt public school and Wednesday nights at Notre Dame.
Seniors practice 2 days per week on Tuesday and Thursday nights at Notre Dame.
All home games will be played at Ottawa University this season.

The confirmed teams in the OVFL are:

Hamilton Ironmen, Etobicoke Eagles, Brampton Bulldogs, York Region Lions, Metro Toronto Wildcats, Oshawa Hawkeyes, Cornwall Wildcats, Toronto Thunder, Twin city Predators, North Bay Bulldogs and Myers Riders have confirmed membership for the 2017 season.
Announcements on other teams will be made as soon as they can and will be updated via our social networking sites.

Schedule is the same as last year 8 regular season games. It also looks like we may have some crossover games.

There are no other teams in the Ottawa area competing in the OVFL this season so the territory is open except for Cornwall Varsity postal codes. Any player looking to play from the east end of Ottawa to the Cornwall boundaries, Brockville, Kingston, Smiths Falls, Perth, Arnprior, Almonte, Carleton Place ext. are welcome to try out.

No, not currently. Information will be delivered via gym sessions, emails and social networking sites. If deemed, we need another information session notice will be sent out.