Come out meet the coaches, throw the ball, enjoy a BBQ and pickup equipment.

Registration will also be open for those who need to register.

OVFL 2018

Important Announcement !!!!!

The Myers Riders Football Club would like to announce that we have decided to not run a 2018 summer provincial football program. We would like to thank all of the players, parents and volunteers that have made our summer program one of the best in the province for many years. Without your dedication we couldn't of done it so well for so long.

To all  players looking for information on summer programs, please see below.   We encourage all players and parents to look at all their options and see which programs suits your individual needs

Beckwith Irish FootballOPFL AA (SR Varsity and possibly a JV)

Cumberland Panthers
Image result for cumberland panthers logo
OPFL AAA (All 3 levels)

Ottawa SoonersOPFL AAA (All 3 levels)

Plus there are lots of great camps around town.

We look forward to seeing everyone back again for the 2018 NCAFA season.  If you have have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you

Scott Boxall
Myers Riders Football Club

NCAFA Calendar winners

NCAFA Calendar Winners

OCTOBERTicket #NameWinnings
10443Bobbie Oswald$50
20557Christina Belisle$50
30405Antoniella Parisella$50
40484Claudia Barletta$50
50356Shannon Laxdal$50
60524Katharine Ogilvie$50
70460Walter Proudlove$125
80810James Davies$50
90591Jim O'Connell$50
100510Paul Loo$50
110673Bobbie Ekiyor$50
120077Deanna Zrymiak$50
130716Sophie Fletcher$50
140482Marla Wax$125
150096Jimmy Whiteduck$50
160067Isha Mansaray$50
170275Mike Abbott$50
180131Lisa Lehman$50
190812Linda Dillon$50
200694Josie and Gordon$50
210181Candida Quast$125
220144Kathy Plaunt$50
230367Felicia Zigiris$50
240691Kathleen Latreille$50
250252Megan Meltzer$50
260728Roseamay Church$50
270446Adam Wilson$50
280081Lyann Lockhart$125
290568Donna Lowry$50
300771Cameron Chabot$50
310550Dom Seipp$250

OVFL Calendar winners

OVFL Calendar Winners

JULYTicket #NameWinning
Stephanie Piovesan125
2383Jihad Hazim50
3883David Maddock50
4306Denise Henley50
5123Dana Uzan50
6602Melisa Cerquozzi50
7556Wendy Algan50
8656Doreen Gowdy125
946Darlene Medaglia50
10430Stephanie Piovesan50
11641Anthony Colasante50
121346Marc William50
131190Liam & Nolan Johnston50
14657Jane Denny50
151020Justin Godreau125
16921Vince Relle JR50
17343Graham Patterson50
18366Kim Roscoe50
191157Liz Holmes50
20331Ben MacPherson50
21122Joan Lightbody50
221000Fatou-Kine NiANG125
23587Chris Elie50
24633Antoniella Parisella50
251185Allan Johnston50
261223Luc Lamarche50
27985Michele McMillan50
281186Edith Small50
29344Bob Ritchie125
30261Philip Townsend50
31618Sharon Reid250

Paint Night Fundraiser

Let’s raise our glasses and raise funds for a great cause.  Back by popular demand.  Our first event was a complete sell out and many have asked us to do it again.

We are hosting a Paint Nite event to raise money for Myers Riders Football Club– and you’re invited!

Where: Broadways Bar and Grill 1896 Prince of Wales

When: Friday June 23, 2017 7 pm-9 pm

Why: Because Myers Riders needs our help

How: Register now at