OVFL is a league that has been providing quality football to our province since 1999. This league is a nationally recognized league that provides anyone (coaches/scouts) with instant access to player’s stats (both physical ie height and weight, and playing stats) as well as information on what school’s players attend so that coaches can follow up further. The league insistence on certified coaches ensures that the safety of players is of paramount importance, and its inclusion of an all-star (Prospects game) also boasts of the importance that the league places in getting its players exposure to coaches at the next level.

The OPFL is a new league in it’s first year of operation. It consists of teams that were former members of the OVFL along with a few from the OFC and OMFL. Their main goals are to “create an environment where like minded centers can play football at the highest level, to create a tiered environment for the development of football in Ontario, to create environment where players can be highlighted and developed for maximum exposure for potential post secondary opportunities, to bring football back to the focus of what we do.” This was taken right from their website mission statement page.